Vermont Retirement Overview

Vermont is sometimes referred to as a more affordable Colorado. Yes,Vermont does rank slightly higher than Colorado on our state retirement rankig list, but it’s not perfect (hence it’s ranking at 44 out of 50). Vermont has a health retirement population, in fact, it’s the fourth largest per 100K people, the 3rd lowest crime rate and the 13th lowest sales tax in the nation. There’s a lot to like about Vermont if you can deal with the brutal winters and high cost of living.

Why Should Retirees Retire To Vermont

Vermont could be an excellent state to retire to, with low income taxes, and average real estate prices. The state has a high retiree population and a low crime rate, making it a safe and welcoming place to live. Vermont’s healthcare options are also top-notch, meaning residents can enjoy their retirement years with peace of mind.

What To Consider Before Retiring To Vermont

Like other states at the bottom of our list, Vermont is just expensive. The income tax isn’t high but it adds insult to incury when you consider the nation’s 5th worst weather, and the 8th worst cost of living. All the other amenities and the natural beauty of Vermont is great but offers little to help retirees afford it.

Where Does Vermont Rank For Our Best Retirement Criteria

Best Retirement Cities reviewed all 50 states against 10 different retirement criteria to determine what was truly the best state to retire to.   

Vermont Retirement Rankings

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