5 Reasons to Retire to San Antonio, Texas

Texas is one of the top 5 states that we chose when we selected the best states to retire to.   One big reason was the sheer number of places that retirees have to choose from.   With great cities like Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio just to mention the popular ones, it’s no wonder why it’s near the top of that list.   Today let’s look at 5 reason to retire to San Antonio, TX.

Climate of San Antonio

The climate of San Antonio is nearly always temperate and well-suited for those who enjoy warmer weather year-round. There are still four seasons throughout the entire year, yet within those four various seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer are milder versions of the traditional seasonalities of the northeast and northwest United States.  So if you’re moving from an apartment in Chicago, you can rejoice! As you’ll discover in this post, San Antonio has a lot to offer, even outside of its weather. Between the cost of living, the health care, and economic growth; one will truly appreciate the lifestyle to be had in such a great, thriving city for retirement.

Cost of Living in San Antonio

The cost of living in San Antonio is considerably less than other growing cities of its caliber, like Austin for example.  The home prices of San Antonio real estate are typically lower than their other metro counterparts.  The average cost of a 3-bedroom apartment just outside the city center is around $1,400/month. This is considerably lower than say San Francisco where the average cost of a 3-bedroom apartment is $4,236. With housing typically being one of the most expensive costs for anyone, it’s important to address this crucial component of any retirement from the start. We all need housing and if you’re able to successfully and significantly reduce the cost of said housing without sacrificing niceties, you’ll be able to enjoy your retirement much more.

Access to Great Health Care in San Antonio

Health care is something which is nearly mandatory for most individuals thinking about retiring to Texas. No matter if you’re healthy or unhealthy, you’ll always want high-quality, medical care nearby. Thankfully, there are excellent medical facilities, local doctors, and even house call doctors nearby who are eager to help you overcome illnesses and ailments as they appear. You’re never more than a call or appointment scheduling away from being treated with some of the best medical care in the nation when you choose to retire in San Antonio.

Economic Growth is Always On the Horizon

Retire To TexasAs with most parts of Texas, economic activity seems to be continuing to grow year-over-year with no end in sight. San Antonio is the same way as most of the more prominent Texas cities. With a large expansion of residents, housing, and overall business activity; you’ll be able to rest assured there will always be customers available if you ever have the urge to start a business in your retirement years and live out your dreams of entrepreneurship in your golden years.

Overall Great Quality of Life

As you’ve read above, the San Antonio lifestyle is something which is welcoming, hospitable, temperate, and financially sound for most who reside within the city itself. There are a large range of benefits which you’ll ultimately discover for yourself if and when you decide to make the move. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about how San Antonio and all of its retirement readiness features.