Arkansas Retirement Overview

Arkansas has the lowest income tax, the most social security exemptions, and the lowest priced real estate options in the nation. It also has a low cost of living and a high retiree population. The only downside is that it does not have the best health care options and its crime rate is higher than average. Arkansas ranks 12th overall for weather which means you’ll experience all 4 seaons without being snowed in or scorched, and you’ll have a bit less humidity than more southern states.

Why Should Retirees Retire To Arkansas

Arkansas has all the makings of a best state to retire to. It’s got one of the best tax situations in the country, great weather, low cost of living (ranked 5th overall!) and the cheapest real estate. In national lists Arkansas ranks more average, but it’s hard to imagine a more perfect opportunity for budget conscience retirees.

What To Consider Before Retiring To Arkansas

Like other states, Arkansas strength is also it’s weakness. Low real estate and low cost of living often means a lack of infrastructure and development. This means that health care tends to lag behind because there’s not enough population to support a massive state of the art hospital. In addition, Arkansas ranks 48th out of 50 states for the worst crime in the country based on our blended and weighted average toward violent crime in particular.

Where Does Arkansas Rank For Our Best Retirement Criteria

Best Retirement Cities reviewed all 50 states against 10 different retirement criteria to determine what was truly the best state to retire to.   

Arkansas Retirement Rankings

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