Oregon Retirement Overview

If there was a state compeition for most beautiful Oregon would make the top 10 list for sure. Although it does get colder in Oregon, there is almost no humidity making it a pretty desireable place to consider retiring to. However, even with no sales tax it’s pretty expensive to retire to Oregon.

Why Should Retirees Retire To Oregon

Oregon does have the 4th highest income tax in the nation but does offer a social security exemption and have above average health care. With the 11th largest retirement population in the country you’ll be able to figure out how they survive with such high real estate costs and cost of living. Our somewhat humorous take is that Oregon is the retirement state for people that lived and worked in California. The weather isn’t quite as nice but compared to California the costs are cheaper and there’s very little crime. It’s also a pretty convenient state to live in, as it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, and California and Nevada to the south.

What To Consider Before Retiring To Oregon

When we say that Californians want to retire to Oregon we’re saying that in jest. Oregon isn’t the crazy expensive place that California is but it’s not a great pictures. The 4th highest income tax, the 5th highest housing costs, and the 7th highest cost of living aren’t rankings that any states wants to tout. If you’re thinking of retiring to Oregon, the beauty can certainly make it more desirable, but just be ready with your wallet when you do you retire.

Where Does Oregon Rank For Our Best Retirement Criteria

Best Retirement Cities reviewed all 50 states against 10 different retirement criteria to determine what was truly the best state to retire to.   

Oregon Retirement Rankings

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