Maine Retirement Overview

Maine is known for it lobster, but if you’ve ever watched those shows on how they get the lobster you’ll know that the winters in Maine are some of the worst in the country. In addition, due to it’s location, Maine’s cost of living is also some of the worst in the nation. Maine does rank highest in retirement population but that’s more due to the small size, overall density of poeple and aging population.

Why Should Retirees Retire To Maine

When you consider Maine as a state to retire to you’ll be happy to know that inspight of some of the highest income taxes in country, there are exemptions for social security. In addition, Maine has the 5th lowest sales taxes on good sold, which is a small help since the goods are so expensive already. Maine does have the highest retirement age population per 100,000 people in the country and Maine is the safest state in the country.

What To Consider Before Retiring To Maine

Surely, no one chooses to retire to Maine, unless they just love that state. The taxes are high, the prices on everything is high, everything in Maine is older and you have to be a survivalist to tough out the winters.

Where Does Maine Rank For Our Best Retirement Criteria

Best Retirement Cities reviewed all 50 states against 10 different retirement criteria to determine what was truly the best state to retire to.   

Maine Retirement Rankings

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