Retire To Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Retirement Overview

Pennsylvania has a population of over 12 million people and is the 6th most populous state in the country, and that population is aging as it ranks 9th overall for retirement population. Retiring to Pennsylvania creates a new puzzle to solve. Where will you choose. Luckily, Pennsylvania offer above average affordability in real estate and cost of living and has low overall taxes across the board. If the weather was better it’d probably be more desirable than a place with oppressive taxes like California. It’s also one of the more convenient state as it is bordered by the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio.

Why Should Retirees Retire To Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has low income taxes, social security exemptions, and low prices for real estate with a low cost of living. What’s not to like about retiring to Pennsyvania outside of the weahter? There are many health care options and a high retiree population. Indeed, Pennsyvania offers quite a bit for a retiree trying to make a decision on a place to retire based on metrics alone. In fact, we’d have ranked it higher if we added a more human element to the equation.

What To Consider Before Retiring To Pennsylvania

Why is Pennsylvania ranked so low on our list of best states to retire to if we love it so much? For one, we believe that weather is a big factor in retirement, particularly harsh winters. If you’re considering retiring to Pennsylvania then just be ready because, winter is coming. One thing that didn’t pop up in our metrics but is also worth considering is that Pennsylvania is old, meaning that many of the communities you’ll consider might be older homes. This is common in the north east and although you’ll find new construction and communities aimed at servicing retirees, you won’t find as many options as our southern states.

Where Does Pennsylvania Rank For Our Best Retirement Criteria

Best Retirement Cities reviewed all 50 states against 10 different retirement criteria to determine what was truly the best state to retire to.   

Pennsylvania Retirement Rankings

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