Roswell GA – Voted Best Retirement Community in Georgia

Roswell GA – Population 94,000

Roswell GaVoted #6th best city to retire Roswell, GA has old world charm with amazing proximity to Atlanta.  Historic Roswell, founded in 1839, embodies the grace and spirit of the quintessential southern town.

Roswell GA features a down town district of restored landmark buildings that house antique and gift shops, and award winning parks system, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and the Roswell Cultural Arts Center, which is home to the Atlanta Wind Symphony and the Georgia Ensemble Theatre.

Roswell is a popular place for all demographics due to its historic flare, proximity to Atlanta, good schools and diverse housing options.   However, it’s this somewhat more aged real estate, smallish downtown and proximity to amazing healthcare options that has people thinking about retiring to Roswell, GA.  After all, Georgia is the 9th best state to retire to, according to our list, which means Roswell is one some of the best of the best.

Roswell’s History

Incorporated in Feb. 16, 1854, Roswell is only 39 SQ Miles.  On of the original settlers of the area, Roswell King, traveled from the GA Coast with the hopes of investing in mining. After discovering that this area lay near the Chattahoochee River, King decided to instead to build a major textile mill powered by the water.  The Roswell Manufacturing Co. and the Roswell Mill played key roles in the development of the town during its early history.

Roswell, Georgia maintains a number of historic homes, notably Bulloch Hall, the childhood home of President Theodore Roosevelt’s mother, Mather, “Mittie” Bulloch.  Also of interest are the Archibald Smith Plantation, the preserved home of one of founding families, and Barrington Hall , the home of Barrington King, the Founding King’s son.

Roswell Real Estate

In terms of metro Atlanta, Roswell is going to be more expensive than cities that are further out.   It’s what they say, “Location, Location, Location,” and that’s the attraction of Roswell.  You have a town that’s pretty well developed with not too many new construction options, which means you’re doing renovations to older homes.

In terms of retirement communities, Roswell does have them, but they aren’t anything like the massive planned developments like Del Webb builds.  What Roswell does have is several communities with ranch style homes with very low turnover.  While these aren’t retirement communities they do attract those in the retirement demographic.

Roswell, Georgia – Demographics

Over 60% of adults have college degree or professional degrees.  The city has a AAA bond rating and the average household income is approximately $125,000.   In addition, Roswell’s Real estate market continues to clime.  The median price you see below climbs and climbs, only dropping due to the seasonality of the home purchasing cycle.  Many of the tech related jobs in Atlanta have either considered moving north of Roswell to Alpharetta (causing Alpharetta real estate to go up) or are very close to Roswell.  So if you’re a retired yet still working front end developer, an Atlanta SEO consultant or simply a retired C++ programmer, you’re likely considering Roswell.

Located just outside of Atlanta, Roswell is a popular choice to live and retire and neighbors another popular retirement city, Duluth GA.

Retiring To Roswell, GA?

The city has access to several shopping and restaurants and offers unprecedented access to Atlanta.  If you’re thinking of retiring to Georgia,  and want to be near great healthcare and be near the city but not in it, Roswell should be on your short list.

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