Retiring In Seattle, WA

Washington is 32nd on our list of best states to retire to.   The climate, cost of living and less than favorable taxes make it less than ideal for a most retirees.  However, if you like the to live in a state without humidity and need to be on the West Coast, then Washington isn’t a bad choice.    Of course, Seattle might be the most famous city in Washington, so let’s take a look at what Seattle has going for it for retirees.

Why Choose Seattle for Your Retirement?

Seattle has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists, nature-lovers, tech-centric workers, corporations, and retirees alike. There are many, many benefits to choosing Seattle as your retirement destination and we’ll be discussing said benefits right here in this post. Read on to learn how you can best experience the city of Seattle form a retiree’s perspective and we’ll be sure to respond to any questions or comments you have below. Enjoy!

Benefits of Living in Washington State

Retiring In Seattle - Retiringinseattle

Washington state, and Seattle, have a number of benefits throughout the landscape which you’ll thoroughly enjoy in your retirement years. Some of the benefits consist of:

  • High-Quality of Life: Everything in Seattle is centered around the residents, so you’ll often feel as though things “just work”.
  • Economically Stable: Seattle has always been a city which has been protected from most economic downturns due to the heavy investment from major corporations, thus reducing the need for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Washington.
  • Cleaner Water: Water is a very important feature in the city of Seattle and its residents take it quite seriously as well. You’ll notice the tap water to be of high quality when drinking it and you’ll find yourself no longer feeling obliged to purchase bottled water.
  • Cleaner Air: The air quality is quite high as well in the greater Seattle area. Due to the surrounding forests, bodies of water, and strong winds; most of the particles in the air are reduced over time thanks to Mother Nature.
  • Technology-Focused Innovations: Being that Amazon is a major force in the Seattle-area, it makes sense as to why the city is so focused on incorporating technology into all facets of life to allow easier functionality, increased efficiency, and an overall higher quality of life.
  • Close Proximity to Canada and Other Major Cities: If you ever grow tired of Seattle, you’ll be able to make a quick jaunt to Canada and experience a whole different culture. It’s only about a 3 hour drive to Vancouver and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the bountiful amount of lush, greenery and beautiful mountains.
  • Great Food Scene: Seattle is known for its famous fish markets, yet there are a wide range of food trucks, brick-and-mortar restaurants, and exotic cuisines popping up around every corner. Explore and you’ll find what your heart (and stomach) desires.
  • Multicultural: Seattle is one of the most multicultural cities in the United States and this is due to the large influx of people from all across the world moving to the city for jobs, family, retirement, etc… It’s a fantastic place to be and there are so many different cultures to enjoy!
  • Welcoming, Friendly Communities: Seattle prides itself on being one of the most welcoming and accepting communities in the country. No matter which race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc… you may be; you’ll find nearly everyone here is extremely supportive. It feels great to be welcomed in such a large city environment and we know you’ll love it!

The Natural Lifestyle

One of the most common reasons many will choose to retire in the greater Seattle area is the fantastic selection of nature-driven activities.  (Not surprising, but this is a major draw of retiring to Colorado as well) There are many things to choose from: cycling, swimming, hiking, birdwatching, skiing, hunting, fishing, etc… It all comes down to what you’re interested in from a nature-based perspective and you’ll most likely find an activity which aligns with your interests!

Settling Down in Seattle…

When you make the decision to move to Seattle, you’re selecting a city which will give back to your lifestyle, ten-fold. Feel free to leave a comment or question below and we’ll be sure to answer your inquiry the best we can and supply you with our insights into the local scene of Seattle. We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and we’d be very pleased if you could share it with family, friends, and those who are interested in the moving to Seattle for their retirement years.