4 of the Best Places to Retire in Colorado

Colorado is actually at the bottom of the list for states to retire to.  The cold climate and overall high cost of living makes it tough to recommend to retirees.  However, Colorado does have a lot going for it as well,  it’s well-educated population, to its world-class views and many great tourist attractions. Just because it’s one of the worst states to retire to in the US based on metrics doesn’t mean it’s a bad place.  In fact, it’s probably one of the most desirable location to retire to if money was no object.

Here are four of the best places to retire in Colorado:

1. Eaton

Retire To Colorado - Retire To Eaton Co

Eaton is a small community located in the heart of Colorado. It has just over 4,000 residents and offers the perfect opportunity for those who love small town living. Eaton residents are just a small drive from main cities, as well as plenty of amenities including restaurants, theaters and more. The surrounding towns of Greeley, Loveland and Fort Collins are close by.

Northern Colorado was originally known as a ranching and farming area and has evolved into a manufacturing and high-tech location. As a result, property prices have increased in recent years, with higher priced construction homes available if you want to retire in Colorado. However, there are still affordable homes available, and property buyers can still find great family homes around the $200,000 range.

2. Canon City

Retire To Colorado - Retire To Canon City Co

If you want to retire in Colorado without expensive property prices, Canon City is the perfect option. It offers a mountain environment with remote villages and ski towns, so it does not have costly real estate prices. It’s the perfect balance between quality living and affordability.

Canon City can be found in Colorado Springs, just north of Pueblo. It has a population of around 30,000 and has a cost of living lower than the national average. You will find the median house price in this area is around $124,000 and retirees can save even more by opting to live in a townhome or a condo.
Canon City has a lot to offer in terms of activities, including outdoor activities like whitewater rafting and ziplining, as well as off-roading and nature trails. It’s ideal for people who love to stay active and spend time outdoors.

3. Grand Junction

Retire To Colorado - Retire To Grand Junction Co


Grand Junction is another great option if you want to retire in Colorado. It offers you upmarket living, especially on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. If this is too busy for you, you can travel a bit to the western side of the mountains and find great real estate deals and views that are similar to those in Utah.

Grand Junction is affordable to live in, as it offers you a mid-sized town with great surrounding views. The cost of living is quite standard, in fact it’s just one percent above the national average. There are plenty of tourist attractions, festivals and amenities to enjoy, and has been named one of the best places to retire in Colorado.

4. Commerce City

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If you love staying busy, visiting restaurants and enjoying shopping, Commerce City is the ideal location for you. It’s one of the best places to retire in Colorado and the only downside is that it can be somewhat expensive due to the fact that it is such a popular location.

The cost of living is almost the same as the national average, with a single-family home priced around $280,000. But there are also more affordable one-bedroom condos and townhomes available as an option. You can reach Denver with a short drive, or even take the lightrail.

These are just a few options if you want to retire in Colorado. With a great community, upmarket living and magnificent views, Colorado is the perfect blend between beautiful scenery and retirement living. It’s a location that will always remain popular (just behind Florida), and one that offers a wide variety of property options for any investor.