Retirement Planning Millennials Need To Think About Now

An average person in their 20’s or early 30’s barely thinks about retirement planning or saving up for it – but procrastinating with retirement savings plan only results in problems later on. This is one issue millennials do not address at the right time. One that later results in haphazard planning to diversify income streams and reduce overspending habits. Here are questions every young person needs to ask

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Best Places To Retire

The Best Retirement Cities in Texas

Are you looking to retire someplace quiet and serene for your retirement? Do you want a peaceful community where you can forge friendships with people? 

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Social Security Retirement Guide

The government of the United States founded the Social Security Administration in 1935. Along with retirement pension, the administration also offers social insurance program to

Retirement Communities

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Retirement Communities

Retiring abroad

Retiring Outside The Us

Retire To Ajijic, Mexico

What if you wanted a place where there were no hurricanes, had warm weather, a view of mountains and water and was affordable?   You thought I was talking about California or Florida, but I wasn’t.  I was talking about Ajijic, Mexico. 

Best Neighborhoods to Retire To in Barcelona

With the recent news of Catalonia separating in Spain, we thought it would be good to cover why Barcelona (in the heart of Catalonia – a coastal “County or Province” in Spain)  is an excellent place to retire to!   So here’s the best neighborhood to retire to in Barcelona Spain.

Best Cities to Retire To in The Netherlands

The Netherlands as a Retirement Destination Many Americans will choose to retire in The Netherlands as it offers many benefits for people of retirement age. There are considerably lower tax rates, especially in the realm of capital gains tax and there are many social service programs throughout the country which

best places in oslo to retire to

Best Places to Retire in Oslo

Have you ever considered retiring outside the US? It wouldn’t be surprising with the rising costs of retirement communities. Has Norway ever ended up as one of your options for retiring?! Well you’d be surprised at the opportunities! Here are the best places to retire in Oslo, Norway’s capital city.

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