Best Part Time Jobs For Retirees

Are you in search of a way to stay active, boost your income, or simply explore new avenues during your golden years? The job market today offers a plethora of opportunities that are perfectly tailored for retirees. From roles in customer service to online tutoring, a wide array of part-time and flexible job options are available that can effectively blend with the leisurely pace of retirement.

These roles are not just about providing additional financial stability. They also offer a sense of purpose, an opportunity to use your lifetime of experience, and a chance to stay connected with the community.

Four Quick Facts About Best Part Time Jobs For Retirees:

✅ Popular part-time jobs for retirees include consulting, tutoring, pet-sitting, and driving for ride-sharing services. (Source: Kiplinger)

✅ Retirees can also consider seasonal jobs, such as tax preparation or working for a retail store during the holidays. (Source: Money Talks News)

✅ Part-time work can also provide retirees with social interaction and a sense of purpose. (Source: The Balance)

✅ Retirees should consider their skills, interests, and availability when searching for the best part-time job. (Source: U.S. News & World Report)

Creating a Comprehensive Retirement Plan

It’s key to craft an extensive retirement plan. This plan needs to include estimated costs, income possibilities, and a savings blueprint. This blueprint should help you hit your financial objectives. When you consider things like inflation and the economy’s ups and downs, you can make a plan that works just for you.

The plan is a step that can help you choose the right part time job for you.  If it’s simply to stay busy, because your finances are in order you might choose something different than if you need the extra income.

Part-Time Work for Retirees

Part Time Jobs For Retirees - Retiree Jobs

Part-time jobs can be an amazing way for retirees to bring in extra money or stay involved in the working world. Companies have a lack of workers, and retirees can use their talents and know-how to fill in the blanks. Also, more and more people are transitioning out of full-time work and retiring.

Retirees can pick from a wide range of part-time jobs, like:

  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Pet sitting
  • Retail
  • Substitute teaching
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax preparing
  • Driving
  • Elderly care
  • Seasonal jobs
  • Coaching
  • Event staff
  • Golf Shops / Courses
  • Security
  • Reception

Sure, this is just a list but it’s designed to get you thinking.  In addition to the traditional jobs listed here, there’s an entire workplace of the “gig” economy to consider.   These “gig” jobs range from being an Uber driver to working in the cannabis industry as a budtender. In addition, some part time jobs for retirees are perfect if you have hobbies such as golf.  For example, a common job for retirees is being a golf ranger.

To locate part-time jobs, the s, networking, and even check out the best places to retire for opportunities. With the perfect attitude and strategy, retirees can discover fulfilling part-time work that brings in financial and personal rewards.

Pro Tip: When searching for part-time jobs as a retiree, pick jobs that are compatible with your abilities and interests. Also, check for jobs with flexibility in schedule and location.  Most retirees want freedom, this might seem obvious, but for a few people it comes as as revelation.

Using skills, hobbies and interests of retirees can help make the transition to part-time work easier. This kind of work gives retirees passive income and the chance to keep connected with the workforce.

Pro tip: Don’t be scared to look for unconventional part-time jobs that fit your passions. It could give you better work experiences and a great retirement.  For example, phrases like “gig economy” might seem strange, but the freedom it provides often suits retiree lifestyles vs a typical job.

Turning Your Skills into a Business

Retirees, turn your skills into a business! This is a great way to stay busy and make some extra money. You can work part-time or go full-force with a business. Incorporate “Best places to retire to” in your search for the perfect location, or look at websites like upwork or fiverr where you can offer consulting or mentoring as a freelancer.

Popular business ideas for retirees are consulting, freelancing, pet-sitting, tutoring. These jobs can be done from home. There are plenty of resources to learn new skills and stay up-to-date.

Pro Tip: Before starting, research the best places to retire to, then see if the state has additional opportunities that match up to your interests.  Pick a spot that matches your interests and goals. This way, you can enjoy retirement while still earning money.

Consider Passive Income

Retirees can supplement their income in a lucrative way with ideas for passive income. With the ideal investments and strategies, passive income can bring a regular cash flow to maintain their lifestyle.

  • Real estate investment is one of the options. It’s great to invest in places that are perfect for retirees – affordable living costs, stable housing markets, and a desirable location.  Buy properties that provide a positive cash flow.
  • Dividend-paying stocks can also provide regular income without requiring active participation in the stock market.
  • Online businesses such as affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and digital products can be a source of passive income. Retirees can manage these businesses from anywhere.

Remember: Passive income needs time and effort. Research and educate yourself on the best investments and strategies to succeed in the long run.


Part Time Jobs For Retirees - Retiree Tutor

Retirees looking to make extra income can find tutoring to be a great part-time job. Not only is it financially stable, but you can also share your knowledge and experience with others. With online learning platforms, it’s convenient to do from home. Specialize in areas like math or English, or help students prepare for college entrance exams. Plus, the flexible timetable lets you work when you want, and still have time to enjoy your retirement.

In conclusion, tutoring is rewarding and profitable for retirees who want to make a difference while earning.

Pro tip: Join an online tutoring platform to widen your horizons and increase your earnings!

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Retirees looking to boost their income, whilst enjoying the company of furry friends, can consider pet sitting and dog walking as a part-time job. This is low stress and flexible work that also keeps you active. Plus, you can offer unique services such as overnight stays, doggy playdates, and training. If you live in a pet-friendly community with plenty of green space, you’ll have even more pet care opportunities. Working independently or through a pet-sitting service can lead to loyal clients.

Pro Tip: Get certified in pet first aid and CPR for extra confidence.

Golf Range Jobs

Part Time Jobs For Retirees - Golfranger

Are you a retiree? If so, working at a golf range may be a great option for you! It can provide extra income and can be an enjoyable way to spend your time. There are many different jobs available, like coaching or maintenance. This means you can find a job that best fits your skills and interests.

In addition, working at a golf range can also give you the chance to socialize and exercise. You’ll be interacting with customers and may even be able to spend time outside. Plus, if you are looking to move in retirement, many of the best places to retire have amazing golf ranges – so it’s a great choice!

Pro tip: Check out local golf ranges or country clubs for part-time job openings. Consider positions that match your skills and interests. It can be an awesome way to stay active and engaged during your retirement!

Consulting in Your Industry

Consulting in your industry is a great gig for retirees! They can stay active and engaged by using their years of knowledge and experience. Retirees can offer valuable insights and advice to other companies. By staying connected with their industry, they can keep learning and making an impact in their community.

The best places to retire have many opportunities to work as a consultant. It could be in healthcare, finance, marketing, or any other field. Retirees can choose to work from home or travel to meet clients. They can work as much or as little as they like.

Consulting is a fulfilling and flexible way for retirees to stay productive and earn extra income. Plus, they can share their great knowledge with others.

Pro Tip: Research the demand for consultants in your industry and network with other professionals to build up your client base.

Horticulture and Gardening Services

If you’re retired and looking for part-time job opportunities, horticulture & gardening services could be perfect for you! Gardening is becoming increasingly popular, creating a greater demand for professionals in this field. As a retiree, you can use your expertise to provide valuable services to individuals and businesses.

Services may include:

  • Garden design
  • Planting
  • Maintenance
  • Consultation

Specialize in a niche such as organic gardening or rooftop gardening – this will help you stand out from the competition. Also, if you live in a retirement community or city with many retirees, leverage your knowledge of the area to gain more clients & grow your reputation.

Pro tip: To improve your horticulture & gardening skills, take online courses or volunteer at local parks & botanical gardens. This will expand your knowledge & network.

Bartending. Budtending & Barista

Retirees can benefit from bartending as a part-time job. They have flexible hours, make money and meet people. Plus, many retirement destinations have a busy tourism industry that needs hospitality pros. Retirees with customer service or food & beverage experience may find it easier to get into bartending. However, it requires physical stamina for long periods of standing. With the right training and practice, retirees can become skilled bartenders. And gain all the perks of the role.

Pro-tip: Take a bartending course to understand the role and better job prospects.

Retail Jobs

Retail jobs are a great option for retirees seeking part-time work. Flexible schedules, purpose and social interaction make them an ideal fit. When looking for a job, consider the location and type. Some cities may have more options than others. Also, some positions may require more physical labor than others.  Retail jobs are pretty straight forward and predictable.  These can be some of the most stable experiences.

Substitute Teaching

Retirees searching for part-time work that suits their lifestyle may find substitute teaching to be a great option! It provides the chance to help out the educational system, as well as inspiring young minds. Plus, it offers flexibility, so retirees can balance the job with their other interests.

Demand for substitute teachers is rising in many areas and there are lots of possibilities. Places to retire with lots of schools or growing populations may have particularly high demand. A substitute teaching gig is also an excellent way to get extra retirement income while still making the most of retirement.

While many schools pay per day, you could look at becoming a full time teacher assistant or clerk.   These jobs pay less than teachers and require you to work a set number of days but lack any sort of responsibility relative to the main teacher.

So, if you’re looking for a rewarding and flexible part-time job, consider substitute teaching!

Pro tip: Check out school districts and staffing agencies that specialize in substitute teaching to find the best opportunities near you.

Bookkeeping or Tax Preparing

Retirees with experience in finance and accounting can find bookkeeping and tax preparation great part-time job options. These jobs offer flexible hours, the ability to work from home, and a steady income. As retirees transition to a new life stage, they must consider the financial effects of their choices. Bookkeeping and taxes help make informed decisions about finances and investments. Plus, they can work from anywhere if they relocate!

Retirees can also research the best places to retire and offer bookkeeping and taxes.

Pro Tip: Retirees should take courses or online tutorials to stay current on tax laws and accounting software.

Specializing in Taxes

Taxes can be a great part-time job for retirees. With tax laws changing, there’s a need for knowledgeable pros. Retirees can offer services, make money and still have leisure time. They can tailor their work to their lifestyles and interests. Helping a small business owner in a coastal town or a retired couple in a mountainous area can bring fulfillment.

A pro tip: Retirees can take courses to stay up-to-date on tax laws and enhance their skills:

  • Take courses to stay up-to-date on tax laws.
  • Enhance skills.

Driving Jobs

Retirees can get extra income from driving jobs like Uber or Lift. Flexible schedules and choosing hours make it easy to fit into your lifestyle. Options include delivering food (with door dash for example), packages, chauffeuring people and driving for ride-sharing services or buying groceries with instacart.

Explore new places and meet people too! Driving for a company in a new location can help you get to know the area and find the best place to retire.

Remember: Factor in additional costs when considering a driving job. This includes gas, insurance and maintenance for the vehicle.

Caretaking for the Elderly

Caretaking the elderly? A fulfilling job for retirees! With the population aging, there’s an abundance of opportunities. Patience, empathy and strong communication skills are necessary. Plus, the ability to adapt and handle physical demands.

Providing companionship and improving their quality of life. Retirees with experience caring for family? They may find it a natural transition. Many agencies and organizations offering training and support too.

Retiree looking for work? Caretaking the elderly is a great option. It gives purpose and fulfillment while generating income. Plus, combine it with your passion for travel. Find caregiving jobs in the best places to retire.

Pro tip: Take advantage of the training and support available to be the best caregiver.

Seasonal Retirement Jobs

Seasonal Retirement Jobs are great for retirees! They supplement income and keep seniors active. These jobs are part-time and temporary. Popular options include retail for the holidays, tax prep during tax season, and outdoor jobs like landscaping or park maintenance in the spring/summer. Benefits include extra cash, socializing, learning new skills, and staying active.

When selecting a retirement location, explore job opportunities first. That way, you can continue working and enjoying your retirement years!


Retirees looking to stay active and earn extra income may find coaching to be a great part-time job. They can use their knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on their community. Plus, they get the financial benefits and a sense of purpose!

Retirees can coach in sports, music, business, or other fields. Active, supportive communities can provide plenty of opportunities. It’s a fulfilling way to stay engaged and contribute while enjoying retirement.

Pro Tip: Reach out to local schools or community centers for coaching opportunities, or offer independent services online.

Event Staff

Retirees looking for part-time work should consider event staffing. They’re in charge of making sure weddings, conferences and festivals run smoothly. This could include setting up/taking down equipment, serving food/drinks, checking tickets or helping guests.

Event staffing offers retirees an exciting, flexible way to earn money. You can work when you like, as it’s usually temporary. Plus, events are often held in great places to retire to.

To find event staffing jobs:

  • Check with local event planning companies.
  • Search job postings online.
  • Attend industry events.
  • Network with other staff to learn about upcoming opportunities.

Working on a Cruise Ship

Retirees looking for excitement and cash might like a part-time job on a cruise ship.  This one is perfect if you’re single!  You can witness new places and meet people from everywhere. Plus, some cruise lines offer perks such as free travel and health insurance.

Many roles are available on ships. Housekeeping, food service, entertainment and customer service are examples. You’ll find the right job for you, depending on your skills and interests. You may even get to go to places you know well.

Pro Tip: Research the companies and positions before you apply. Get ready for the different challenges and way of life that come with working at sea.

Work Camping

Work Camping is ideal for retirees who want to make money while taking in the sights! It involves doing part-time work, like campground hosting, office support, maintenance, or cleaning. In return, you get free or discounted RV parking, utilities, and sometimes wages.

This is great for retirees who want to meet new people and explore different places on a budget. Florida, Arizona, and Texas are awesome places to retire and look for Workamping opportunities. Keep in mind that the jobs can differ from season to season, so be flexible with your traveling plans.

Pro tip: Search online job boards, join RV-related Facebook groups or Workamper News, and contact RV parks and campgrounds directly to find Workamping opportunities.

Resources for Finding Jobs and Work-related Resources

Retirees, it can be tricky to locate the correct job or work-related resource. Fortunately, there are many online resources available for you to choose from. This article will give you a full list of resources to assist you in your job seeking quest. No matter your experience or industry, these resources can help you.

Here is a list of resources to help you in your job seeking quest:

  • AARP Job Board: The AARP Job Board is a job search website for older adults, including retirees. It offers a wide range of job opportunities and resources to help retirees find work.
  • Retirement Jobs: Retirement Jobs is a website that specializes in job postings for people over 50. It provides a job board, job search advice, and career resources.
  • Seniors4Hire: Seniors4Hire is a job board that connects older adults with employers who value their experience and skills. The website offers job search resources and advice to help retirees find work.
  • RetiredBrains: RetiredBrains is a job board and career resource website for retirees. It provides job postings, advice on starting a business, and resources for continuing education and training.
  • FlexJobs: FlexJobs is a job search website that lists remote and flexible job opportunities. It offers a section for older workers that provides resources and job listings specifically for retirees.

FAQs about Best Part Time Jobs For Retires

What are some of the best part-time jobs for retirees?

Answer: Retirees have a wealth of experience that they can leverage for part-time jobs. Some of the best part-time jobs for retirees include online teaching, freelance writing, consulting, tutoring, part-time retail, and event staffing.

What are the best places to retire to for part-time job opportunities?

Answer: Some of the best places to retire to for part-time job opportunities include Sun City, Arizona; Greensboro, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Fayetteville, Arkansas; and Tucson, Arizona.

What are the benefits of taking up part-time jobs as a retiree?

Answer: Taking up part-time jobs as a retiree comes with numerous benefits. They give retirees a sense of purpose, bring in extra cash, provide an opportunity to remain social, offer a chance to learn new skills, and help retirees stay active.

How can one find the best part-time jobs for retirees?

Answer: To find the best part-time jobs for retirees, one can start by checking specialized job boards such as,, and They can also check job listing websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster.

What qualities should a retiree have to excel in part-time jobs?

Answer: Retirees have several qualities that can make them great employees in part-time jobs. These qualities include vast experience, punctuality, a strong work ethic, reliability, and excellent communication skills.

Are part-time jobs a good way for retirees to supplement their retirement income?

Answer: Yes, part-time jobs are an excellent way for retirees to supplement their retirement income. They are a flexible way to earn extra money without committing to the long hours that come with full-time jobs. Retirees can use the extra cash to meet their expenses, travel, or engage in other activities.