The Best Retirement Cities In The USA

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RetireInTheUsaWe’ve scoured over Forbes Articles, Bankrates, Success Magazine, AARP  and others to give you a guide on retiring across the USA.  We’d love to hear your opinions, photos and videos if you have them as we continue to build out this site.

Warning: Buying The Wrong Home Can Hurt Your Retirement

Buying A Home Can Hurt Your RetirementYou might think buying that awesome home in Clermont FL might be just the perfect investment.  Not only is it a dream home, but it’s also got the added perk that once the kids our gone they’ll want to come back and stay for the Disney parks.  Unfortunately, most Americans don’t realize that buying the wrong home can hurt your retirement.

Buying too much home can limit savings in earlier years. Most American’s don’t seriously start saving for retirement until their 50’s. Buying a large home in your 30’s can limit or eliminate your savings plan all together. Even if you’re not “house poor” from your purchase, the payment limits your ability to save.

It’s recommended that you include “savings” in your budget as soon as possible.  So instead of just seeing what you can buy based on a what a lender says, you should try to stay within the even more confined boundaries in order to increase savings.  If you fail to do this, then you might end up having to choose between your dream of retiring to that Floridian island vs staying put or downsizing.

Another way, buying a home can limit your retirement is buy buying a larger home. Buying a larger home requires more maintenance, more maintenance usually means eating into your emergency fund.  Dave Ramsey recommends 3 or more months as an emergency fund. These can get eaten up real quick if your water heater breaks or one of your 3 air condition units goes out on a larger home.   You can multiple this thought if you bought luxury real estate.

Other things to think about is do you want to be debt free or have a mortgage

Should You Be Debt Free In Retirement?

PRO:  You can live off of your income and in theory reduce your needed income. If you pay off your home you can potentially retire earlier.    Essentially, since you don’t have a “housing” bill you could in theory need less.   Of course, we say “in theory” because there’s still maintenance, taxes and insurance to deal with.

CON: The down side of this is that your money (in most cases, 100’s of thousands) is all tied up in the home and you could come to a situation where you need to get the money out.  Unfortunately, since the money isn’t liquid you’re left with selling your home or the aggressive reverse mortgage as your only option if you were not prepared for emergencies properly.

Ultimately, being debt free is a state of mind that many people will find refreshing because their personality is one that seeks stability.   However, for many (I’d say most) it might be better to have the mortgage and save the money.  Money gurus that preach a debt free lifestyle are entertainers and they talk to the masses about this.  They understand that if they tell you debt is OK, you will overspend.  Even with their advice, the vast majority of American overspend and have credit card debt.


Top 10 Best Cities To Retire To in 2017

Wallethub recently listed their best retirement cities and while we might doubt their methodology (is there really a “BEST” retirement city?)  After all, 2 of their criteria were fishing and number of museums. There’s some surprising cities!

    1. Orlando, FL – This is a no-brainer, it’s in Florida, it’s near parks for those with grandkids and near activities for those that are active. With affordable housing options in Kissimmee and lesser known Davenport it’s no wonder Orlando tops this list.

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8 Keys To A Successful Retirement in 2017

Keys To Retirement

Every person who’s been working for a long time looks forward to their retirement – the time when they could finally rest after years of labor. However, there are 8 Keys To A Successful Retirement in 2017 that have to be considered before retirement.

  1. Decide when you are going to retire. Figure out your retirement date and once you are close to your retirement date, revisit and decide whether or not you might want to stay another year working or not. Staying at your job a little longer has advantages; one being you might be able to save up more money.
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3 Great Places to Retire in Rockwall Texas 2017

If you live in Texas and want to look for places to retire, there’s no shortage of options.  You could easily live in a city, a farm, on the coast… quite literally you could live in any environment you wanted in Texas.   We settled in on Rockwall, TX because it offers amenities such as golf, water sports (fishing, etc), proximity to health care and proximity to a major city, Dallas.

Just about any home in Rockwall is going to be pretty nice and relatively speaking, affordable.  However, we selected 3 Great Communities To Retire To In Rockwall TX. Continue reading “3 Great Places to Retire in Rockwall Texas 2017”

Where Should I Retire In The USA in 2017

If you’re getting close to retirement you’re also getting close to a decision on where to live.  The question of Where Should I Retire in the USA is one that comes up every year for groups of professionals that are ready for the next stage of their life.

For many looking to retire, being close to family is a big concern.  Others still will choose to be on the beach, likely some dreamy place like buying a condo on Marco Island.  When we sat down to examine the best place to retire we look at the entire USA.  Luckily for everyone, there’s a lot of research on this very topic.  Continue reading “Where Should I Retire In The USA in 2017”

Retire To St Ives Country Club | Johns Creek, GA

StIvesCountryClubSt Ives Country Club is a golf community located in Johns Creek, GA.  It’s one of the most desirable communities to retire to in Georgia.  This gated community features luxury homes that range from $660,000 to $3,300,000. The homes for sale in St Ives are beautifully constructed with special features such as 5-6 spacious bedrooms, luxurious baths, gourmet kitchen, fireplaces, and many more. They also have access to the finest amenities inside the neighborhood.

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Asheville – One of The Best Retirement Towns in North Carolina

retiretoashevillencMost people have worked so hard for most of their adult lives just so they could put food on the table, send their children to college, and be able to save for the rainy days. And now, after all those years of labor, it’s their time take a break for good.  It’s time to find out why Asheville, is One of The Best Retirement Towns in North Carolina.

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Roswell GA – Voted Best Retirement Community in Georgia

Roswell GA – Population 94,000

roswell gaVoted #6th best place to retire – Roswell, GA has old world charm with amazing proximity to Atlanta.  Historic Roswell, founded in 1839, embodies the grace and spirit of the quintessential southern town.  The City features a down town district of restored landmark buildings that house antique and gift shops, and award winning parks system, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and the Roswell Cultural Arts Center, which is home to the Atlanta Wind Symphony and the Georgia Ensemble Theatre. Continue reading “Roswell GA – Voted Best Retirement Community in Georgia”

Athens GA Retirement

AthensGADo you know which city in the United States has been named one of the Best Places to Retire in 2015 by both Forbes AND Money Magazine? It’s no other than Athens in Georgia! Year after year, more seniors choose to retire in this city, and it is mostly because of their continuous education.

Athens is known to be a university town, and several schools such as the University of Georgia has created a retirement program for those retirees who want to continue learning. Recently, there hundreds of retirees aged 50+ and above who are active in learning that attend UGA. Several administrators of the university had also noted that, aside from the education, a lot of seniors like to attend their events such as concerts and plays.

The city has an organization whose mission is to provide for the well being of the older residents. The Athens Community Council on Aging has 14 programs catered to the retirees’ needs. Programs such as Adult Day Health, Meals on Wheels, GeorgiaCares, Transportation, and more are available to the seniors in the community.

In downtown Athens, there is an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and bars that residents can go to for their dining needs. There are also shopping locations like bookstores and boutiques. There are two award-winning hospitals as well as health spas inside the city for the residents’ medical and wellbeing needs. There are also parks for recreation.  In addition, Athens is just over an an hour and half to Atlanta, making it popular for those that wanted to relocate to Atlanta but couldn’t bring themselves to live in a metropolitan area.

Athens is definitely one of the best places to retire.  Currently you can expect to pay roughly $139,000 for the average home in Athens, GA.  The cost of living in Athens is about 1% less then the national average.   However, many people report the cost of living in Athens, GA retirement to be far less than where they moved from.

Looking to retire further south, ckeck out our Retire to Florida page.