The Best Suburbs of Detroit To Retire To Not Named Ann Arbor

Every guide to living and retiring in Detroit, Michigan is littered with recommendations for Ann Arbor, MI.  Of course, buying a home in Ann Arbor is the dream for many of those that live in the Detroit area.  There are other options for people looking for the Best Suburbs of Detroit To Retire To.  Keep in mind if you’re looking for the best state to retire to, Michigan isn’t it.  Michigan comes in 30th out of 50 states as the most desirable retirement.  However, if you are retiring to Michigan, we wanted a guide for what to look for outside of Detroit.

We took a look at the suburbs of Detroit  and measured a few things:

  1. Safety – Crime reports per 100
  2. Doctors – Doctor to patient ratio
  3. Senior Amenities Listed
  4. Cost of Living
  5. Overall Percent of residents over 65
  6. Of course, retirement would be retirement without Golf.

Without further ado, here’s our list.  Of the best places to retire in Detroit.

Our Top 4 Best Suburbs of Detroit To Retire To

#4.  Northville, MI

Best Suburbs Of Detroit To Retire To - Northville Homes For SaleWith a great combination of safety, cost of living and amenities, Northville will not disappoint.  In addition, to being a great place to retire, Northville MI is also just a great place to live.  Northville is sought after by families as well.    A popular retirement spot is the Country Club Village Condos with it’s public 9 hole course and amenities.

#3.  Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills makes this list as a small town with the 8th most seniors in the state!  It’s a choice location for retirees! There’s over 95 listed senior amenities and it’s convenience and safety are some of the highest in the state as well.   Like Northville, homes for sale in Farmington are more affordable (relatively speaking) and sought after by all, not just retirees.

#2.  Livonia, MI

Do you love to golf and/or hockey?  Livonia is for you!  With multiple options to go golfing it’s no wonder that 17% of the population is at retirement age, making it the 7th in the entire state!  During the winter you’ll be able to enjoy the states largest amatuer hockey league!  Livonia is a unique town with a feel of a small town with the perks of the city; it is the second largest city in Wayne County and the eighth largest city in Michigan.  In addition, Livonia is a convenient Detroit suburb are only 2 miles from Detroit itself.

#1.  Bloomfield, MI

Best Suburbs Of Detroit To Retire To - BloomfieldWith 21% of the residents of Bloomfield consider part of the retirement population,  it comes in as the number 1 suburb to retire to in the Detroit area.  There’s golf, top honors in safety and has the number 1 ratio of Doctors to patients.   95% of Bloomfield is actually residential making it one of the perfect places to retire to.  The community is centrally located in the Detroit / Oakland metropolitan area. Bloomfield has close proximity to Oakland County parks and rec.

Retiring in Detroit doesn’t have to be all about living in the Frozen tundra.  Sure, it’s not retiring to Georgia or even living the island retirement life, but there’s some affordable options and if you’re family lives in Michigan than you’re likely going to wan to be there.  After all that’s one of our 8 keys to a successful retirement.