The Best Cities To Retire To In Oregon

Have you been dreaming of a retirement that involves fresh mountain air and stunning views of the Pacific coast? Then you should consider making Oregon your new home!  Ranking as the 29th best state to retire to, mostly due to taxes and a higher than average cost of living, Oregon is jaw dropping at times. From the bustling shops and restaurants in Portland to the quaint fishing villages along the coast, there is something for everyone, and all of that minus the humidity of the southern states like Florida . Here’s a look at some of the best cities to retire to in Oregon and settle into your golden years!

Retire To Bend

Best Cities To Retire To In Oregon - Retiretobendor

Bend, Oregon, is the perfect place to settle down and call home. This picturesque mountain town provides stunning vistas of the Cascade Mountains and Deschutes River, along with a variety of recreational activities and diverse employment opportunities. Bend is a great place to hang up your hat if you are looking for an affordable place to

Not only is Bend full of natural beauty, but it also offers low taxes as well as affordable housing options and healthcare services. Many seniors are able to take advantage of the city’s cost-of-living index which is 16% lower than the national average. With its vibrant downtown area, top-notch health care facilities, and plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking, Bend offers something for everyone looking for the perfect retirement destination in Oregon.

Unlike many larger cities in Oregon Bend does not have an overly dense population meaning that there’s more than enough room for those who enter their golden years. Whether you’re looking to find a new place to call home or just visit occasionally this unbeatable combination of affordability and scenic landscapes has made it one of the most desirable locations in Oregon for retirees who want plenty of things to do without breaking the bank on living expenses or taxes.

Retire to Astoria

Best Cities To Retire To In Oregon - Retiretoastoria

If you’re looking to retire in Oregon, Astoria is an ideal city to call your home. Located along the Columbia River, this costal community offers breathtaking scenery and plenty of activities for retirees who appreciate nature and the outdoors.

Astoria has a great cost of living and the median home value is lower than the national average. The city also has a variety of senior-friendly activities, such as museums and farmers markets. Astoria is committed to healthy aging, offering several services specifically designed for older individuals. Some of these services include health care, nutrition education, exercise classes, transportation programs, senior housing options and much more.

In addition to its various services for seniors, Astoria offers plenty of things to do and explore – from sightseeing on trolley tours to taking part in whale watching excursions along the Columbia River Estuary. During your downtime, check out shops along Main Street or drive just 30 miles away to Cannon Beach for some beachcombing fun. And no visit is complete without sampling some of the local culinary treats like Dungeness crab or oysters at one of Astoria’s restaurants or pubs.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful place with all the necessary amenities needed in retirement you can’t go wrong with Astoria!

Retire to Roseburg

Roseburg is in the heart of the state and is an easy distance from the Oregon coast and Cascade Mountains, making it the perfect home base for outdoor activities and exploration. With a reasonable cost of living and access to excellent health care, Roseburg is an attractive destination for those seeking an affordable, fulfilling retirement experience.

Located in Douglas County near wine country and five classic northwest rivers, Roseburg has a lot to offer when it comes to things to do. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, camping among many others activities around Roseburg. It has several golf courses for more leisurely pastimes. Senior residents can participate in everything from arts classes and senior center activities to theater productions if they wish to stay active recreationally or creatively.

Roseburg has three hospitals: Mercy Medical Center Main campus, Mercy Medical Center North Ramsey campus and Roseburg VA Medical Center which provide outstanding medical care for all age groups within their catchment area. Financial advisors agree that Roseburg ranks highly due it being one of the most affordable cities in Oregon with its low tax rates and high quality of life.

Roseburg ticks off many boxes when thinking about where to retire with its charming small city feel combined with easy access to scenic parks and rivers as well as world class hospitals nearby providing outstanding medical care services at relatively low cost compared with other Oregon cities further up north. With plenty of entertaining activities on offer year round such as hikes at Umpqua National Forest or trips down south like Bandon Beach or Newberry Volcano National Monument nearby – there’s always something new and exciting around every corner in Roseburg making it one of the top retirement locations in Oregon today!

Retire to Prineville

Prineville’s health care system has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the state and there are numerous senior centers and activities designed to help retirees enjoy their golden years.

With access to nearby rivers, lakes, golf courses and hiking trails, those who choose to retire near Prineville have plenty to keep them busy. The Prineville Reservoir State Park provides ample opportunities for fishing, swimming and all sorts of water sports as well as multiple campgrounds and picnic areas. Camp Sherman’s Metolius River area also offers everything from downhill skiing to kayaking!

The community itself provides a variety of attractions suited specifically for seniors such as library programs, quilting clubs and holiday festivals like their 4th of July celebration or their Summer Concert Series—free music and dancing! Plus there are multiple local shopping districts providing unique finds for everyone from the fashionista retiree to vintage aficionado. With its combination of modern amenities plus rustic charm, Prineville is sure to be an ideal choice for many retirees looking for a place they can call home in Oregon’s high desert country.

Retire to Grant Pass

Grant Pass is nestled in the Siskiyou Mountain Range and is considered by many to be one of the best cities in Oregon to retire. The cost of living in Grant Pass is moderate and it offers quality healthcare facilities nearby.

The city of Grant Pass boasts excellent hiking trails, fishing spots, and other outdoor activities for seniors. Moreover, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants, art galleries, and shops for those who want to explore the city itself.

In addition to offering an affordable cost of living, Grant Pass also offers retirees quality health care options. The local hospital provides an array of services for senior citizens including assisted living units and skilled nursing care if needed. In addition, visitors can find several specific health care centers that cater exclusively to the elderly population such as Naturopathic Wellness Solutions or Serenity Home Care which offers palliative and hospice services.

For those looking for things to do near Grant Pass, there are lots of options including wine tasting at local vineyards, history tours at several nearby museums, boating on Applegate Lake or camping at one of the area’s numerous campsites. Or venture further out into Southern Oregon such as historic Jacksonville or Ashland’s famed Shakespeare Festival—both within easy driving distance from downtown Grant Pass.

Retiring in Grant Pass provides an ideal balance between affordability and convenience with plenty of activities nearby due its strategic location between small town feel with easy access to larger cities like Medford or Central Point making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to retire in Oregon.