The 6 Best Cities To Retire To In Illinois

There is more to Illinois than just Chicago.   Illinois ranks 26th overall on our best states to retire to list, and would be much closer to the top if it weren’t for the cold winters and the Chicago crime rate.   If you’re able to weather the weather in Illinois and want to live in the north, then you’ll have a hard time finding a better option than Illinois which is essentially a state with two huge metros on either end of the state.   Let’s look at the best cities to retire to in Illinois.

Retire to East St. Louis

Best Cities To Retire To In Illinois - StlouisYep, it’s that same St. Louis, but just the part of the city that on the Illinois state line.   You can still enjoy landmarks such as the Gateway Arch and Soldiers Memorial Plaza.

Healthcare options are excellent throughout East St. Louis as well with numerous hospitals and clinics available that are widely recognized for their high-quality care. There is also plenty of social activities to choose from such as visiting local museums or attending jazz festivals. Additionally, being located near downtown St. Louis gives retirees easy access to city amenities perfect for exploring when surrounded by friends or family members looking seeking an adventure elsewhere in Illinois.

Retirees who plan on settling down in East St. Louis will find themselves welcomed by a supportive community with an abundance of activities available making it one of best places in Illinois to enjoy retirement life while staying close enough to their families should they wish to visit from elsewhere on a regular basis or if younger generations desire further educational opportunities not offered within the city’s limits .

Retire to Danville

Danville, Illinois is a picturesque town not far from the Indiana border.  With a cost of living that’s 18% lower than the national average, it’s an attractive option for those who want to stretch their retirement dollars further.

The local health care system is top-notch, with two major hospitals and one accredited health care facility. Danville also has some beautiful landmarks and plenty of things to do. The quaint downtown area offers excellent shopping and dining opportunities, along with several well-preserved historic buildings that are opened for tours during the summer months. Town Lake Park is a popular destination for camping, fishing, biking, and picnicking during warm weather months, while veterans enjoy visiting the nearby USS Heavy Cruiser Chicago Memorial during any season.

Retirement in Danville also affords easy access to golf courses and shuffleboard clubs in addition to other activities like horseback riding and swimming lessons for families with younger children at one of two nearby YMCAs in Vermilion County. There are also many museums throughout town that will provide plenty of entertainment options on rainy days or during winter months when outdoor activities may be limited. Overall, Danville makes an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable place to retire while still having access to plenty of activities and cultural experiences both on-site and in the surrounding area

Retire to Harvey

Harvey, Illinois is an interesting and diverse city that is growing as a retirement favorite. It’s close to Chicago, giving it access to the Metra transportation system, allowing retirees to explore the city easily, and making it a popular city to retire to in Illinois.

Harvey has many things for retirees to do and experience, including healthcare options from multiple hospitals such as Ingalls Health System. Shopping districts line some of the main roads and provide endless possibilities for shops to explore. There are plenty of recreational opportunities available, whether you’d like to take a stroll through Susdorf Park or bike down Wells Street.

The city also has attractive landmarks such as its historic downtown area with its buildings still intact from over a century ago, an old movie theater converted into a church building called Sun Theater, along with banks from over 100 years ago that stand side by side with contemporary establishments. The parks along Lake Calumet provide plenty of outdoor activities while showcasing stunning views of wildlife habitats with hundreds of species living on nearby islands or in the river corridor. Art galleries around town display works by local craftsmen right next door to top-rated restaurants specializing in Mexican cuisine or classic Harvey-style hotdogs and Italian beef sandwiches which bring in people from all parts of Chicago throughout the year.

Harvey has numerous churches featuring masses attended by locals who speak Spanish and Polish as well as all other languages reflecting today’s diverse population informing our culture today–along with two temples welcoming older generations regardless religious faith giving them an uplifting sense of spirituality during their retirement years!

Retire to Galesburg

Galesburg, Illinois’ central location in the state makes it an ideal destination for those looking for a variety of attractions in nearby cities as well as a host of outdoor activities to enjoy in the city itself.

The area has many landmarks such as the historic Union Depot Train Station which houses several museums and other cultural attractions, as well as parks, scenic riverside trails, fishing spots, golf courses and much more. In terms of cultural attractions, Galesburg offers theater productions at Knox College theatrical theatre company, live music events at downtown’s Carl Sandburg Mall and sporting events at Spurgeon Fields Baseball Park.

For those looking for something different to do or places to explore outside of Galesburg can enjoy traveling to nearby cities for shopping trips or antique store visits. The area also has several wineries and vineyards perfect for relaxation or adventurous outings like kayaking tours on Lake Storey or strolling along one of Galesburg’s lovely tree-lined sidewalks ending your day with dinner at one of their many chic eateries or bistros.

Retire to Granite City

Granite City, Illinois is situated on the west side of the Mississippi River, Granite City offers plenty of outdoor activities and recreational opportunities. Many retirees take advantage of the city’s renowned bike trails and its public parks like Wilson Park with its walking paths, picnic pavilions and ancient rock formations. Fishermen also flock to “The Chute,” as locals call it. As part of the Great Rivers National Trail system, Granite City boasts some outstanding views along the riverside canals in between excursions for fishing along the banks.

Shopping opportunities abound at both big-box stores and unique mom-and-pop shops throughout downtown Granite City. The surrounding area offers a variety of museums to explore — from riverfront destinations like The Lewis & Clark State Historic (with mummies!) to service academies like The Carnegie Welcome Center just upriver in St. Charles—there’s something for everyone!

Retirees have everything they need in regard to medical services and amenities such as fitness centers & spas available in highly accredited hospitals within city limits such as Anderson Hospital or Gateway Regional Medical Center located only 8 miles away. Whether you’re looking for modern amenities or alluring natural wonders Granite City is sure to become your retreat with all it has to offer!

Retire to Freeport

Freeport, Illinois is an attractive destination for retirees, offering a low cost of living and easy access to healthcare. It is home to the historic Winneshiek Historic Hotel and many popular landmarks. There are lots of things to do in the area, such as visiting the Ronald Reagan Boyhood home or antiquing at Freeport Freighthouse.

In terms of healthcare, Freeport offers a variety of options in its nearby hospitals such as OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center and FHN Memorial Hospital.   Freeport’s thriving downtown is full of unique shops, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. The city also hosts popular events like The Soup Supper & Movie Night which takes place every summer. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty of one of Illinois’ largest woodlands; The Dorothy Park Nature Preserve located just outside of town. Additionally, there are countless farmers’ markets around town with fresh produce and prepared foods for visitors to enjoy all year round.

For an affordable place to call home in retirement that offers plenty of things to do and great healthcare options nearby – Freeport is an ideal option!