The 5 Best Cities To Retire To In Nebraska

When you think about retiring, Nebraska is likely not on your radar. I had always imagined it as a vast expanse of farm land, not a place for retirees to settle down. However, Nebraska has plenty of upside for retirees. Despite its reputation as an agricultural state, Nebraska, our 33rd best state to retire to offers affordability and relatively cheap cost of living.  Nebraska might be a retirees best kept secret if you’re looking for those cinematic small towns where everyone knows your name.  In addition, if you’re looking to retire with some land, Nebraska might be the best choice, as the cost of real estate is lower than many of the surrounding options.   Here are the 5 best cities to retire to in Nebraska.


Located in Dawson County, Lexington offers retirees a rare mix of friendly culture and breathtaking beauty.  In fact, it’s Lexington’s diversity that might surprise people.   For such a small town, Lexington is incredibly diverse with plenty of things to do, from sampling some delicious baked goods from one of the local bakeries or explore outdoors at Fort Kearny State Park – you won’t be bored here!

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is located just 40 miles away making access to health care services easy and convenient. Hunting enthusiasts will also appreciate being able to hunt down deer, antelope and more – all within close proximity from town.  If you’re looking for a town where everyone knows everyone and you can sleep with doors unlocked, this is the place to retire to in Nebraska.   If you’re looking for an active retirement community, Vivak Ridge is an age restricted community with homes in the 300’s.


Best Cities To Retire To In Nebraska - Retiretolincoln

With a population just over 270,000 people, Lincoln is an ideal city for those looking for a city that’s larger than Lexington with more amenities within a short drive.  This friendly Midwestern town also has plenty of things to do – from visiting entertaining festivals throughout the year such as horse racing events at Fonner Park or attending summer music concerts at Haymarket Park’s second annual Symphony Concert Nights – there are lots of great ways to stay engaged with your community after you’ve moved here!

In addition to entertainment-related activities, chances are you’ll find plenty of other great retiree-friendly activities here including taking classes at Truhlsen Events Center or going out shopping around Westfield Shopping Mall. In case you need any further motivation – just think about being close enough to world class attractions like Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo or Lincoln’s own State Capitol or University campus!  Add to the fact, that Nebraska as a whole offers retirees more buying power and there really isn’t much more that needs saying about why retired folks will love life in this popular Midwestern metropolis!

West Point

Like Lincoln, West Point is a town where everyone might know your name.   It’s peaceful, with a focus one small town living at it’s finest.   The median cost of living in West Point is just 3.2%, which is much lower than the national average, making it an ideal place for retirees looking to stretch their budget.

If you enjoy the outdoors and riding a bike into town, you’re in luck.   While there are not many indoor activities, there are quite a few outdoor activities like hiking or fishing at nearby Lakewood Park.  West Point might not have a ton of buzz around it but the larger towns are a short distance away and you can get your fill of activities there.   It’s a lifestyle change if you’re used to a busy city but slowing down is part of retirement is it not?


Best Cities To Retire To In Nebraska - Retire To Nebraska

About twice the size of West Point,  the population of Aurora is around 6,000 people, which seems to be a sweet spot.   Aurora sits between Lexington and Lincoln on the I-80 Corridor, giving residents access to either city in roughly an hour.  Aurora is just big enough to provide a few extra amenities that might not be found in West Point, but still retain that small town charm.

Home to award winning schools, it’s clear that Aurora residents care about the town, the school, the parks and of course, the people.  The cost of living in Aurora is 17% lower than the national average, and from our research it looks like that extra money is being put into the community.

The Aurora Medical Group offers an array of services from family practice and primary care to emergency services and specialty care. In addition to providing exceptional medical services at competitive rates, there are two different nursing homes in the area – Twin Rivers Care Community and Bel Inn Incorporated – as well as hospice providers.


Fremont, Nebraska, is the sixth largest city in the state and one of the best places to retire in Nebraska. Located northeast of Omaha, Fremont offers small-town charm (which is Nebraska’s secret sauce) with big city amenities. In recent years, its population has grown steadily due to its affordability, quality health care and numerous outdoor activities.

Residents enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as ice skating at Arbor Park Recreation Center or fishing on the Platte River Canal System. There are also plenty of nearby attractions like local museums and art galleries as well as historical sites like Omaha Monument Park. For those looking for more active lifestyles there are plenty of golf courses and bike trails within easy driving distance.

When it comes to health care, Fremont has some great resources available. It’s home to several hospitals and walk-in clinics that offer top-notch medical services from family practice doctors to internal medicine specialists. Additionally there are rehabilitation centers that provide physical therapy, pain management treatments or speech therapy for those needing more specialized care.

With its close proximity to bigger cities like Lincoln and Omaha residents can easily access all the culture and entertainment they want without having to travel far from home!