The 5 Best Cities To Retire To In Kentucky

Are you looking for a peaceful retirement in the Bluegrass State? Kentucky ranks number 11 as the best state to retire to, and it’s for good reason.  The combination of great affordability and a great climate make a perfect retirement location. Whether you’re a lifelong Kentuckian looking to stay close to home or an out-of-state retiree seeking the charm of Kentucky, we’ve got you covered!


Mayfield is positioned in far western Kentucky near the Tennessee border. The area has plenty to offer retirees looking for rest and relaxation: from golf courses and museums to spicy eateries and parks with scenic water views.   Local rent averages around $600-$700 for a small apartment or house, while the median price for a home for sale in Kentucky is around $175,000.  Food, transportation, healthcare and leisure can go for 30-40% cheaper than other cities in the state.

Health services are top notch here as well—conveniently situated close to an excellent hospital system. They provide world class medical care but keep fees reasonable due to Mayfield’s close proximity to bigger cities like Memphis, Tennessee that have difficulty competing with lower prices of a smaller town ($15-$40 per specialist appointment). Also close by are specialist clinics that handle illnesses like cancerous growths or heart conditions.

There are plenty of things for retirees in Mayfield Kentucky—from outdoor recreation such as fishing, hiking and kayaking, to local wine tastings at nearby vineyards; sailing adventures along riverfront towns; shopping at flea markets; bingo halls; gardens open throughout the year; art galleries; music festivals; theater experiences -all within ten miles radius! Plus there’s Mayfield Dairy Farm where seniors can have hands-on milking experience with real cows!. This small city is big on attractions!


When it comes to retirement, many Kentuckians are turning their sights to the city of Ashland, which is situated along the Ohio River.  The first major draw to Ashland is its affordable cost of living, with a median home cost of just over $100,000 and median rent around $650. On top of that, groceries and other essential items tend to be relatively cheap. Add in lower taxes and insurance premiums (relative to Kentucky’s national average), and you can see why so many retirees choose Ashland as their perfect retirement destination.

Meanwhile, any retirees who don’t mind traveling a bit should have no worries—Ashland has a vast array of accessible health care facilities nearby. From nationally-recognized hospitals like King’s Daughters Medical Center to smaller specialty clinics like ResCare Home Health Services in nearby Russellville—a range of medical services are within easy reach for those who retire in Ashland.

Of course for those who love exploring and trying new things during their retirement years—Ashland won’t disappoint either! Nestled between nature preserves on one side (Blanton Forest Park) and riverfront attractions on the other (Greenup Dam), the quaint town provides an abundance of recreational opportunities year-round—from boating on Laurel Lake in the summertime to skiing at Lawrenceburg Motorcross Park in winter months!

By bringing together affordability with accessible health care and recreational activities that fit any taste or energy level—the city of Ashland promises a well-rounded retirement experience that seniors can look forward to enjoying for some time!


Located in Pulaski County, Somerset is a vibrant retirement community with an array of activities and amenities that can be enjoyed by retirees.  In addition to offering affordable real estate options, the community provides access to high-quality health care services through Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and Somerset Pulaski County Health Department. Residents have access to excellent programs devoted to senior health care as well as physical fitness activities such as pickleball courts, walking trails and indoor swimming pools.

Retirees interested in recreational activities will find plenty to do in and around town—from golfing at Mill Springs Golf Course or London Country Club, camping and boating at Lake Cumberland State Park, or fishing the Cumberland River nearby. The city also hosts farmers markets weekly where residents can buy local farmers’ produce or enjoy live music showcases. In addition, downtown Summerfest brings entertainment and family events throughout the summer months while a vibrant arts community offers seasonal theater performances at The Center for Rural Development or visual art exhibits at the Kentucky Artisan Center.

Overall, Somerset is a great destination for retirees who want convenient access to medical care while still enjoying the great outdoors of Kentucky’s Appalachian region.


Best Cities To Retire To In Kentucky - Retire To Louisville

Louisville might be the most famous Kentucky city and it’s for good reason.   It currently has 5 active adult (55+ communities) that range from $200’s to the $500’s.  The median price for real estate in Louisville is a steal, coming in at $179,700.  That’s much less than the national median of $232,200. Plus, Louisville’s cost of living is 7.8 percent lower than the national average.  In addition, those looking to retire to Kentucky, will experience all 4 seasons, which is a bit more rare than you might realize.

When it comes to health care, Louisville is home to the renowned Frazier Rehab Institute, which offers a variety of services for seniors.  Louisville is known for its distinct culture, which is influenced by German, French, and southern traditions. The city is home to the famous Kentucky Derby, which takes place at Churchill Downs each year and attracts more than 150,000 attendees. Bourbon is also an important part of Louisville’s culture, as the state of Kentucky produces 95% of the world’s bourbon and the city has numerous distilleries along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Additionally, Louisville is the birthplace of Muhammad Ali and the Louisville Slugger, and it has a rich culinary scene with many other unique attractions.


Best Cities To Retire To In Kentucky -

Lexington, Kentucky is the second-largest city in the state and a great place for retirees who want to stay close to home. Due to its characteristically Southern charm and liveliness, it is a great choice for retirees looking for adventure and things to do. While you’ll pay more for living you’ll also be closer to amenities in the big city. In addition, Lexington has a new construction neighborhood for active adults going up right now with the Silk Club starting in the $500’s.

The healthcare services of Lexington are among the best in Kentucky, with access to 5 major hospitals and numerous small clinics within a 15 mile radius. There are also 11 senior centers that offer both recreational activities and services such as meals-on-wheels, transportation assistance and more. There are also plenty of housing options available depending on your taste level and budget with several options in retirement communities as well as regular homes available for rent or purchase.

Retirement doesn’t mean boring or sitting around all day when you choose Lexington with plenty of attractions throughout the year. Social networks such as Senior Servants provide opportunities to volunteer with school children or trade skills like carpentry with other retirees looking for new hobbies or projects. The annual Festival on Walnut Street downtown brings locals together every May like a giant block party celebrating life in Lexington while there are always plenty of theater performances by resident companies such as Actors Guild at nearby Highlands Playhouse which open their doors to seniors at discounted rates.

Retiring in Lexington means joining one of the most vibrant communities in Kentucky that come alive every summer during horse racing season but also provide access to shopping centers like Fayette Mall and some of the state’s most popular restaurants such as Grey Goose Dining Room & Saloon on South Broadway so you can experience more out of retirement than ever before.