Where Should I Retire In The USA in 2017

If you’re getting close to retirement you’re also getting close to a decision on where to live.  The question of Where Should I Retire in the USA is one that comes up every year for groups of professionals that are ready for the next stage of their life.

For many looking to retire, being close to family is a big concern.  Others still will choose to be on the beach, likely some dreamy place like buying a condo on Marco Island.  When we sat down to examine the best place to retire we look at the entire USA.  Luckily for everyone, there’s a lot of research on this very topic. 

How To Decide Where To Retire To

  1. Where does your family live? if you are going to move for your retirement you don’t want to move to San Francisco while your family lives in Ann Arbor, MI.  Unless of course, you’re trying move to a place to entice your family to come visit you.
  2. Where would you like to live?  You might be thinking, “duh” but so many retirees don’t even consider this.  In fact, many choose to live close to where they have always lived.  It’s time to live a little, you’ve earned it.
  3. Does climate affect your health?  The short answer is going to be yes no matter who you are.  Let’s say you always wanted to live in Florida.  In this example, you’d need to be aware of the unrelenting heat and humidity as well as allergens in the air if you’re unfamiliar with them.  Someone with an allergy problem and asthma might not want to move to Florida and may have to settle on the East Coast where it’s a bit cooler (a few degrees makes a big difference) and where the allergy season is shorter.
  4. For Engineers – What do the metrics say?   There are lists everywhere you can think of about where to retire in the USA.  We tend to think Forbes list is a bit more accurate than others doing research.  For example, AARP has San Francisco as the most livable city for people over 50.  Whereas Forbes has Athens GA listed as the best place to retire.  In fact, AARP doesn’t list a single Southern state, choosing to opt for places in California (we agree on that one) and bigger cities.   AARP livability index must not include crime or cost of living because their list features Boston and Manhattan, two cities that are pretty expensive.

Ultimately the decision is obviously yours but do not let it cause you stress.  Plan it out and enjoy the for many what is a breath of new life and a new place to live.