Best Places to Retire in Oslo

Have you ever considered retiring outside the US? It wouldn’t be surprising with the rising costs of retirement communities. Has Norway ever ended up as one of your options for retiring?! Well you’d be surprised at the opportunities! Here are the best places to retire in Oslo, Norway’s capital city.

Oslo, Norway’s Thriving Capital

Norway is always discussed as a country which offers nearly the best of everything to its citizens and Oslo is no exception to this sentiment. Oslo is the capital of Norway and it’s been growing economically, socially, and culturally these past few decades; all the more reason to consider it a prime destination city for your retirement. In this piece, we’ll be discussing the amazing benefits of living out your retirement years in the great city of Oslo and all of the best neighborhoods throughout the city to do so. Whether you’ve worked in finance, marketing, telecom, or medicine; you’ll find your retirement in Oslo to be peaceful, relaxing, and and overall great city to segway into the golden years. Enjoy!

Best Places to Retire in Oslo

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - Frogner Oslo

Frogner & Majorstuen

Frogner is home to the famous Frognerparken where some of the most interesting statues lie and the most beautiful greenery within the city limits you may come across. It’s an area which promotes creative thought due to its scenery and breathtaking architecture. It also tends to attract several expats. So it may be the perfect spot to make the move to in Oslo if you’re wary of making a complete jump into a different culture, but still want to be around some of your fellow countrymen to ease the transition.

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - Grunnerlokka OsloGrünnerløkka

Grünnerløkka is an up and coming “hip” area within Oslo where the cost of living is higher than most of the other areas, but it’s simultaneously ultra-desirable due to the large number of shops, bars, restaurants, etc… which encompass the vicinity. It also tends to attract lots of creatives, so if you identify with the arts and are seeking to find like-minded people, check out Grünnerløkka and all it has to offer!

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - TorshovTorshov

Torshov is north of the city, but if it’s proximity to the city-centre you’re worried about, Torshov can be a perfect balance between not being too far away from downtown, yet still far away enough where you don’t have to deal with as much congestion. It boasts several fantastic shops, eateries, and public transit to jettison you wherever you desire to go within the city limits.  Torshov could be easily the best place to retire to in Oslo due to convenience.

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - Grefsen Oslo

Grefsen & Kjelsås

Grefsen is one of the furthest north cities of Oslo, but it also contains some excellent natural features throughout. In some portions of the region, you can be situated right on the water and have some amazing views which allow you to truly take in what Norway is known for. Additionally, there’s the “Norsk Teknisk Museum” (Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology) which has great reviews from tourists and locals alike. There’s definitely some family fun to be had when the grandkids visit throughout this locale.

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - Bygdoy OsloBygdøy

Bygdøy is one of the pricier options on this list due to its exclusivity factor where there are several high-end homes, a royal estate, and five museums. It’s far enough away from the city-centre where you don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle, but still close enough by boat or bus where you can be within the heart of Oslo in about 20-25 minutes. Overall, if you can afford the luxury real estate of this location in Oslo, you will definitely want to consider placing it on your list.

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - Furuset OsloFuruset & Stovner

If you’re searching for a much more budget-friendly option, you may want to consider Furuset and Stovner. There are plenty of affordable housing options throughout this area and there’s a great mix of cultures as well. If you want to spend the least on housing in your retirement years in Oslo, yet still be close to the city, Furuset and Stovner are for you.  Making this area one the best places to retire to in Oslo.

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - Ekeberg OsloEkeberg

Ekeberg is a family-friendly neighborhood which has several great features. It hosts the Norway Cup soccer tournament and it has the historical significance of being the location of the famous painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch, painted specifically from Utsikten, an area of Ekeberg.

Best Places To Retire In Oslo - Olso RetirementOslo, Overall…

If you’re thinking of moving to Oslo to live out your retirement years, you should consider traveling there prior to making the big jump. Oslo is a wonderful place, but you have to factor in the extremely cold weather during the winter months (it’s most similar to Alaska in the US).

You may begin to feel isolated over time if you don’t have a partner to spend your retirement with, as Norwegians often take some time to warm up to you. However, once you do make friends with a Norwegian, they’ll most likely be a dear friend for life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide to the Best Places to Retire in Oslo and gained insight into some of the neighborhoods throughout Oslo and feel free to contact us for further information!  We want to expose you to some of the best places to retire to, not just in the US (where it’s mostly southern states) but all over the world.