Best Neighborhoods to Retire To in Barcelona

With the recent news of Catalonia separating in Spain, we thought it would be good to cover why Barcelona (in the heart of Catalonia – a coastal “County or Province” in Spain)  is an excellent place to retire to!   So here’s the best neighborhood to retire to in Barcelona Spain.

Barcelona: A Retiree’s Dream City

The City of Barcelona has so much to offer, especially to the incoming retirees searching for the revered, Spanish lifestyle of sangria, siestas, and solitude. There’s no place quite like Barcelona and it’s no wonder why it’s often the most visited tourist destination in the world. With all of that being said, let’s dive into some of the best neighborhoods for retirees just like yourself and why these neighborhoods will make you wish you moved to BCN sooner!

In terms of real estate in Barcelona, you can expect to pay $500,000 USD for a home or 3 bedroom home in the suburbs and have that same home balloon to $1,4 Million.  Not unlike many American cities where a large home would cost more in the city.  However, similar to America, there are condos (called flats) in the city that go for a much more affordable price.  Similar to buying a condo in Atlanta vs the a home for sale in Dacula an Atlantan suburb.

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Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a neighborhood you have probably heard of well before you started looking into the potential move to Barcelona. Las Ramblas exudes Spanish culture with its beautiful architecture, great cuisine, and historic walkways photographed by millions of tourists each and every year. Las Ramblas also holds one of the most frequented and famous markets in the world; La Boqueria. You can make it a habit to do your shopping here as many locals do every day or you can choose to make it a special occasion where you reward yourself with a sweet treat and a delicious dinner from the numerous stands throughout the market.

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El Poble-Sec

Poble-Sec is a quieter neighborhood situated right alongside Avinguda del Para•lel, a well-traveled street with several shops and businesses. In this neighborhood, you’ll find newly updated apartment buildings and older, more historic apartment buildings. Most of the units are affordable and offer a good amount of space for you and a significant other with some extra room for guests if you decide to host visiting friends and family. Overall, Poble-Sec is a great choice of neighborhood to call home for your retirement in Barcelona.

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Gràcia is a neighborhood near the famous Park Güell (designed by famous architect, Antoní Gaudi). It’s a neighborhood which boasts many hills and can best be described as vibrant and bustling with lots of visitors and lots to do year-round. Gràcia is a neighborhood where the cost of housing is a bit higher due to its cultural significance and overall appeal. However, if you search long enough, you’ll be able to find a place which will most likely suit your budget. Gràcia has a selection of churches, shops, museums, and other great attractions to keep you entertained while exploring your neighborhood if you choose to call it “home”.

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Sants is a neighborhood just outside the main hub of Barcelona central with a large network of train/tram stations for you to easily explore the rest of the city. Housing in the Sants area is relatively affordable and you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an area with some great public parks, great transportation, and great food; all in one.

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L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

L’Hospitalet is the second largest municipality in Catalonia and it holds a number of great parks, malls, clubs, etc… for you to select from. It also has relatively affordable housing for the most part. Interestingly, there are a large number of skyscrapers in this area of the city hosting many businesses throughout.

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Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is one of the most famous areas of Barcelona. It’s architecture and general vibe is truly unique and holds so much history. If you prefer the look and feel of older, Spanish architecture and a number of winding streets and nooks to become lost in; you’ll love the Gothic Quarter. Additionally, this area doesn’t have any cars except for taxis and service vehicles due to the structuring of the streets.

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El Raval

El Raval is a neighborhood which has many great bars, clubs, and nightlife overall. If that’s your scene, this may be the neighborhood just for you! There always seems to be something to do in El Raval and you’ll find a diverse crowd wherever you look in this neighborhood. The housing prices have increased somewhat over the last few years due to the neighborhood becoming much more of a tourist attraction, but as with all of the neighborhoods on this list, you’ll be able to find some good deals if you search long enough.

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Horta is a neighborhood which is situated north of downtown and holds several residential communities. This is an area which is much more calmer and relaxed than its city-center counterpart of Barcelona central. Horta is an area which is very welcoming for families and is most likely the best choice for you and your spouse if you plan on having semi-frequent to frequent visitors at your residence and or are in a stage of “pre-retirement.”

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Sant Marti

Sant Marti can offer you many different residential types. There are apartments close the sea and there are apartments more inland with a traditional city-vibe. Wherever you choose to reside in the Sant Marti area, you’ll find a number of entertainment options to keep you occupied. You can take a quick jaunt out to the beach during the warmer months, or you can choose to visit the wide array of public parks and nightlife. Overall, Sant Marti is a great choice if you want to experience the essence of Barcelona firsthand.

Barcelona, Overall…

In Barcelona, there are many advantageous delights; especially if you’re of typical retirement age. Everything from farmacias (pharmacies) with natural healing solutions to wide open parks, perfect for some healthy exercise. You can enjoy an amazing Spanish meal and you can take in the sights, sounds, and smells while educating yourself on all Catalonia has to offer. All in all, Barcelona is one of the best retirement cities with its affordable real estate costs and quality of life. Soon enough, you’re sure to feel the same way we do about this magnificent, retirement destination!