3 Great Places to Retire in Rockwall Texas 2017

If you live in Texas and want to look for places to retire, there’s no shortage of options, there are many cities in Texas to retire to.    It’s one reason why Texas is the 5th best state to retire to on our list.  You could easily live in a city, a farm, on the coast… quite literally you could live in any environment you wanted in Texas.   We settled in on Rockwall, TX because it offers amenities such as golf, water sports (fishing, etc), proximity to health care and proximity to a major city, Dallas.

Just about any home in Rockwall is going to be pretty nice and relatively speaking, affordable.  However, we selected 3 Great Communities To Retire To In Rockwall TX.

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All the lists we looked for retire to Texas included Waters Edge but that community is located in Rowlett (incidentally another great retirement option).

  1. Lakeside Village – The homes for sale in Lakeside Village all inside the gate and have access to Lake Hubbard..  We selected this neighborhood due to all the available housing that has several ranch style homes as well as master on the main suites.
  2. Chandler Landing – This community mixes single family home as well as condos.  In addition,  this community is gated as well and from some of the condos you can view the lake.  There’s plenty to do in Chandler Landing as it’s close to golf, shopping and less than 30 miles to Dallas, TX.
  3. Turtle Cove – Probably the most luxurious in terms of home offerings from this list, Turtle Cove features 1 story homes with nice exteriors inside a gated community.   Turtle Cove truly has it all, access to the lake, a swimming pool fo for the community and tennis courts.

Every neighborhood featured above has 3 bedroom homes (or larger) and start at $250,000 and up.  In addition, each neighborhood is gated, has access to the water, features an HOA with activities and is less than 30 miles to Dallas.  The most luxurious homes for sale were found in Turtle Cove, while the homes that were on a named lake, (Lake Hubbard) was Lakeside Village.