Top 10 Best Cities To Retire To in 2017

Wallethub recently listed their best retirement cities and while we might doubt their methodology (is there really a “BEST” retirement city?)  After all, 2 of their criteria were fishing and number of museums. There’s some surprising cities!

    1. Orlando, FL – This is a no-brainer, it’s in Florida, it’s near parks for those with grandkids and near activities for those that are active. With affordable housing options in Kissimmee and lesser known Davenport it’s no wonder Orlando tops this list.

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8 Keys To A Successful Retirement in 2017

Keys To Retirement

Every person who’s been working for a long time looks forward to their retirement – the time when they could finally rest after years of labor. However, there are 8 Keys To A Successful Retirement in 2017 that have to be considered before retirement.

  1. Decide when you are going to retire. Figure out your retirement date and once you are close to your retirement date, revisit and decide whether or not you might want to stay another year working or not. Staying at your job a little longer has advantages; one being you might be able to save up more money.
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Where Should I Retire In The USA in 2017

If you’re getting close to retirement you’re also getting close to a decision on where to live.  The question of Where Should I Retire in the USA is one that comes up every year for groups of professionals that are ready for the next stage of their life.

For many looking to retire, being close to family is a big concern.  Others still will choose to be on the beach, likely some dreamy place like buying a condo on Marco Island.  When we sat down to examine the best place to retire we look at the entire USA.  Luckily for everyone, there’s a lot of research on this very topic.  Continue reading “Where Should I Retire In The USA in 2017”